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  • The glasses cardboard display stand may seem ordinary but contains many wonderful things. It is made of ordinary cardboard, but it can present the charm of glasses in a unique way. One of its wonders lies in its flexibility.


  • SINST has launched a new electronic product gift bag designed specifically for packaging various electronic products. Not only is it suitable for individuals to purchase gifts for electronic products, but it can also serve as a high-quality choice for businesses to package electronic products, effectively improving the product's grade and image. Let the recipient feel your heart and care at the moment of opening. This unique electronic product paper bag has attracted widespread attention in the market and has become a hot topic in the industry.


  • PDQ in packaging means a quick display box, and its full name is Products Display Quickly. PDQ is an abbreviation of Wal Mart for quick display of products. It is commonly used as a general term for display boxes in China.


  • Kraft paper corrugated cardboard has strong toughness and hardness, as well as excellent compressive and waterproof properties, making it suitable for packaging soft, vulnerable, and moisture prone products such as underwear. Meanwhile, the unique shape and design creativity of the lingerie airplane color box can attract consumers' attention and purchasing desire.


  • ​The design and printing layout of corporate brochures are of utmost importance, involving multiple aspects such as text layout, image layout, color matching, and page layout. The entire space of the sample design layout is dynamic due to various forces, which in turn dominate the space. The generation of dynamic shapes and the acceptance of this dynamic shape work together to make spatial changes more vivid. Here are some basic steps and key points for designing and printing corporate brochures:


  • Recently, Sinst Company has carefully developed a water-based pen desktop cardboard display stand, which has quickly become a market focus with its unique design and excellent practicality. It is reported that the R&D team conducted in-depth research on consumer needs for displaying and using water-based pens at the beginning of the design, striving to create a product that truly meets the actual needs of users. A significant wave has stirred up in the office supplies market, attracting the attention of many consumers and industry professionals.


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