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  • The gift box is a three-dimensional shape, which is composed of a multi-faceted body formed by moving, piling up, folding and surrounding a number of components. Faces in the three-dimensional structure play a role in dividing space. The faces of different parts are cut, rotated and folded, and the resulting faces have different emotional manifestations. The composition of the carton display surface should pay attention to the connection between the display surface, side, top and bottom, and the setting of packaging information elements. Carton packaging, to a large extent, is to promote and beautify commodities and improve the competitiveness of commodities with its exquisite shape and decoration.


  • With the development of society, people understand the use of packaging to enhance the content of gifts, that is to say, to use packaging to include the culture of gifts, reflect the grade of gifts. What are the principles of gift box packaging?


  • The modern gift box has a single structure and a variety of refurbishment situations. As the most commonly used paper packaging product, corrugated box has been developed and renovated in its construction during the application process. As a renovated product, high-strength corrugated composite board can replace heavy corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard and high-grade wooden gift box packaging by changing the horizontal arrangement structure of traditional corrugated cardboard and adopting the vertical tight arrangement structure of corrugated cardboard. It can be called a new type of environmental protection packaging material. As a kind of product outer packaging carton, it is particularly important to improve its waterproof performance.


  • What is the power consumption of monochrome LCD screen? What are his influencing factors? When purchasing a monochrome LCD screen, we usually consider the power consumption. Now let's briefly discuss its power consumption and several factors affecting power consumption.


  • Inventory of the most complete printing and packaging process knowledge in history -- commonly used packaging materials


  • Inventory of the most complete printing and packaging process knowledge in history -- common processes of packaging materials