Production Equipment

Sinst have owned different kind of offset printing machine and complete set of process machines.

1. Printing: like the Heidelerg 4 color printing machine, Heidelerg 6 color printing machine, Roland 700, Roland 800 and Roland 900. The max printing area is 1620*1200mm,which can be satisfies customers large printing request and keep the cost low.

2.Surfacefinishing machine: Sinst will suggest clients to do surface finishing on the paper after printing, it is a good way to protect the colors of printing products. Surface finishing including Glossy lamination, Matte lamination, Glossy varnish, Matt varnish, UV varnish.

Surface finishing
Glossy lamination
Matte lamination
Not shining
Glossy Varnish
A little shine
Matte Varnish
Not shining
UV varnish
A little shine

3. Mounting: Sinst is equipped with a professional auto gumming machine, it can effectively increase the speed of production mounting and quality control. All the cardboard can mounted by itself, and we can control the quality and arrange the timing well.

4. Laser cutting machine: Laser cutting is an important process in the production, we will make the cutting plate according to the die cutting line which sample has confirmed by client. We can control each cutting cross section with smoothly line and make them well.

5. Die-cutting: Die-cutting process is one important process in Display production, it effect the shape of the display after assembled. Sinst has owned 2 sets Semi-Automatic punching cutter and 3 sets Manual punching cutter, the largest cutting size is 1800*1250mm. Sinst has employed different professional stuffs in the Production department to maintain daily work, and we will arrange well and try to finished the production fastly .

6. Quality inspection: Sinst owned a professional QC team, the QC team always obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate, including the paper material, corrugated cardboard, printing and die-cutting etc. We insist to provide the best product and service for our each client.

7. Packing: Five-layer corrugated carton plus Anti-collision cotton. this material is stronger and can ensure that the goods will not be damaged until they are delivered to customers around the world.
The whole production process of the product can be summarized as follows.

8. Delivery: Sinst have a long-term and full experiential forwarder, not only the ocean shipping, but also the air/courier shipping, they can help us to ship the goods to the destination safely.

Shipping way
Required sea port
30-35 days
Required air port
5-6 days
FedEx, UPS, DHl, TNT
Consignee’s address
6-8 days

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