Cardboard Hook Peg Displays

Sinst is a China Cardboard Hook Peg Displays factory. Cardboard Hook Peg Displays are often used in supermarket shelves and promotional stores. This kind of paper display rack is not only green and environmentally friendly, but also has the advantages of convenient transportation and quick assembly. Cardboard Hook Peg Displays has high economic value, and it can attract customers and promote products for any type of business place.

The biggest feature of Newest Cardboard Hook Peg Displays is that there are regularly placed hooks on the display surface, which makes the products neat and beautiful. However, the one-way load-bearing capacity of the hook material and cardboard is limited, so light and small products are generally placed, and the arrangement of the hanging cards can be flexibly adjusted according to the size and weight of the product.

Cardboard Hook Peg Displays in stock does not have any backlog of inventory, and can freely innovate designs according to customer requirements, and can also be printed in color. It is an excellent advertising carrier with excellent publicity effects; Cardboard Hook Peg Displays is a promotional product for holiday Important means, played a role in fueling the peak season of holiday sales.
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China Cardboard Hook Peg Displays is one kind of products from Sinst factory. As the one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we provide customized products. We can sell them at a cheap price and can be customized. We can also support wholesale and free sample you want. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!